Fat Transfer

Fat transfer is an excellent semi-permanent material. Unlike permanent fillers, injected fat may be removed (by liposuction) or accentuated at any time. However, fat cells are living tissue and only about 30-40% of the fat cells transfered to the face “take” permanently. This means that the fat transfer procedure will need to be repeated 2-3x to get the final result. However, large volume transfer to the face (over 2 cc) is very cost effective-see case 1 below.

Case 1: Fat Transfer to the Cheeks. An 82 year-old African-American lady with fat transfer to the cheeks. In the patient shown here, about 15 cc of fat were transferred to each cheek (30 cc total). The after picture was taken 16 months later. At 16 months, the patient still has considerable fat around the cheeks which gives a more youthfull appearance. The cost of this fat transfer was $2,000. If Artefill were used, the cost would have been $37,000. The more filler volume is required, the better the value of fat transfer becomes.

Case 2: Fat Transfer to Forehead Wrinkles: In this case, about 10 cc of fat was transferred to the forehead wrinkles. The cost of fat transfer is $2,000. The cost for 10 cc of ArteFill would have been $12,500.