Weight Loss Thigh Lift

(Liposuction of Thighs and Excision of Extra Skin)

The lady shown here is not overweight. She is in excellent shape, exercises regularly and is very fit. However, she can not get rid of the excess fat and skin around her thighs.

Usually liposuction alone is all that is needed. However, liposuction can only remove extra fat, it can not remove extra skin.

In the case shown here, this lady had liposuction and thighplasty (removal of excess skin). The after picture shown here is three weeks after surgery. Recovery is in one week.

Besides the improved appearance, removing fat from the thighs makes walking and running easier. Thus this lady is much more mobile and fit after thighplasty. Imagine how much thigh mobility is gained if 2 pound thigh weights are removed from the thighs.