Small Vein Treatment

Treatment of Small Spider Veins

Sclerotherapy injections (concentrated sugar solution) into the vein and/or external laser treatments are 30 minute walk-in procedures.

No medication is needed before or after the procedure and recovery is immediate. The patient returns to normal activity immediately after the procedure.

Sclerotherapy injections are performed by Dr. Katsaros and are covered by insurance. Laser vein treatment of spider vein procedures are not covered by insurance and are performed by our estheticians in the MedSpa (after discussing the settings with Dr. Katsaros).

Patients who have sclerotherapy are asked to wear an elastic bandage or compression socks for for 24 hours after the procedure.

Patients who have laser treatment of spider veins do not wear any bandages and may go without socks or wear nylon stockings immediately.

Multiple treatment sessions may be required to eliminate spider veins-depending upon the patient’s density. Patients with a few spider veins may be treated with 1-2 sessions. Patients that have a high density of spider veins may need 6-8 treatments to eliminate 75-85% of the veins.