Tummy Tuck Prices

Lipectomy is $3,000.
Conventional or Mini tummy tuck is $5,000.
Morbid obesity tummy tuck is $7,000.

Liposuction of the abdomen, if needed, will usually add $2,500-$10,000 on a conventional case, depending on the volume of fat removed. The cases indicated above show different liposuction volumes removed which affect the final prices.

These are some all inclusive prices for some of the cases mentioned here:

  • Case 6 required only a conventional abdominoplasty, no liposuction. Total cost was $5,000. Recovery was 2 weeks.
  • Cases 11-12 are mini-tummy tucks ($5,000) with liposuction ($2,500) for a total cost of $7,500. Recovery was 2 weeks.
  • Case 1 was conventional tummy tuck ($5,000) and liposuction ($2,500). Total cost was $7,500.
  • Case 2 was conventional tummy tuck ($5,000) with $3,000 of liposuction. Total cost was $8,000.
  • Cases 9-10 were conventional tummy tucks ($5,000) which required $4,000 of liposuction. Total cost was $9,000.
  • Case 5 was a bariatric tummy tuck ($7,000) that required $11,000 of liposuction. Total cost was $18,000. Since she was a diabetic, recovery was in 3 weeks.

Cash is 5% discount from above prices, because it saves on credit card charges.