More Fit

Case 1: The patient shown here is a 37 year old lady from Atlanta, mother of four, with adult onset diabetes, hypertension and hypercholesterolemia. She also suffers from back pain. Despite her appearance, she’s only about 20 lbs overweight. Unfortunately, most of her weight is around her abdomen, which is known to increase the risk of diabetes, hypertension and hypercholesterolemia.

Further weight reduction will create further skin sagging. Abdominoplasty will immediately remove the excess fat around the abdomen and reduce her blood pressure, improve her diabetes and help reduce her cholesterol. Abdominoplasty will improve her back strain as well.

The after picture was taken 3 weeks after surgery. Only abdominoplasty can produce immediate, lasting results to both the figure and fitness.

Case 2: This is a 27 year-old lady from Boston. Despite her appearance she is in excellent health and is not overweight. Most of her abdominal girth is over-stretched fat rather than fat. Nevertheless, her abdomen gets in the way of her daily activities. It’s harder for her to bend, play sports, do aerobics, dance, etc.

Clearly, tummy tuck and liposuction have made her look better, but also have made her more physically fit. Two weeks after her tummy tuck she can bend, run, dance and do aerobics easier.

Reduction of abdominal girth not only improves mobility, but improves longevity by reducing hypertension, diabetes and serum cholesterol. Lowering abdominal girth also reduces the work load of the heart, which directly increases longevity.

Tummy tuck patients look more fit and healthy because they ARE more fit and healthy.

This lady had a tummy tuck ($5,000) and liposuction of the abdomen, flanks, love handles and lower back ($2,000). The cost of tummy tuck is the same, regardless of weight. Liposuction costs depend on the amount and areas involved.