Pregnancy After Tummy Tuck

Case 10: This patient here became pregnant after tummy tuck. The first after picture was three weeks after tummy tuck. About one year later she became pregnant again and delivered a term baby of 8 lbs, 10 ounces by vaginal delivery. Two months after delivery, her figure looks almost as good as it did immediately after tummy tuck.

Without a tummy tuck, there is no way that this patient would have looked this good after pregnancy. The reason is that nature designs the fascia to remain permanently flabby after pregnancy, to allow for the mother’s stomach to double in size 9to feed the baby).

Tummy tuck plication allows for stretching, but re-bounds after delivery to a great extent. Notice that although pregnancy re-stretched her fascia somewhat, she still looks much better than before tummy tuck. The reason is that the plication technique used to tighten the abdomen is designed to snap back into place after pregnancy, in a way that nature alone is not designed to do.