Pre-operative Instructions for Tummy Tuck Patients

  1. Nothing to eat 12 hours before surgery.
  2. It is OK to take certain prescription medication with a few sips of water. Generally, blood pressure and heart medication is taken with a sip of water. Diabetic medication is NOT taken. Most other medication can be taken after surgery.
  3. Dr. Katsaros will let you know what you should take.
  5. Wear comfortable, loose clothing.
  7. Leave your jewelry at home.
  8. Do not wear underarm deodorant.
  9. Leave at least one nail on each hand unpolished/unpainted.
  10. Do not smoke the night before or on the day of surgery.
  11. Notify our office if you develop a cold, sore throat, cough, fever or any other illness prior to surgery at (219)736-2047.
  12. Arrive at our surgical facility one half hour before surgery.
  13. You MUST be accompanied by an adult on surgery day-or bring the the adult with you before surgery so that they may be trained on drain care.
  14. If you do not have transportation, we will provide it as a courtesy for short distances (30 minutes or 30 miles away or less). Over 30 miles, transportation by our staff is $150 for 30-60 miles and $50 for every 15 miles thereafter.
  15. After surgery, you do not want to waste your time going to the pharmacy for your narcotic medication. Therefore, have your postoperative prescription medication filled before surgery.

Stock your kitchen for one week of easy-to-prepare (low maintenance) food. In this way, you or your family will spend minimal time in food preparation. Specifically, purchase these items:

  • Clear liquids. This includes sports drinks (Gatorade, etc.), juices, posicles, Jello.
  • Full Liquids. This includes light soups (chicken soup, vegetable soup, rice soup, noodle soup), rice, noodles, bread (not buttered), crackers, simple cookies.
  • Simple to Prepare Solid Food: Avoid beef, pork, fried food or heavy gravy initially. Eat “anything that has feathers or swims” initially, but not fried. This may include TV dinners (chicken, turkey, fish, vegetable).
  • Make sure you have straws to drink from.
  • Make sure you have Tylenol and advil (or ibuprofin or motrin) at home.