The ShapeMedUSA Mission

Shape Med Usa

Beauty is the Ultimate Expression of Fitness!

ShapeMedUSA is operated by a multidisciplinary group of Board Certified physicians and surgeons who not only treat conventional medical and surgical conditions, but are commited to  optimizing wellness, fitness and aesthetics.

In addition to traditional medical and surgical care, our physician network is commited to optimizing wellness and fitness. Patients may be disease-free, but not optimized for wellness, fitness and esthetics. At ShapeMedUSA, we offer aesthetic procedures that not only enhance appearance, but optimize wellness. ShapeMedUSA offers total body makeovers, mommy makeovers, daddy makeovers, face makeovers. Cosmetic surgery makeovers involve simultaneous multi-modality treatments at one or more sites. These makeovers may be integrated with aftercare,MedSpa, day spa, salon and boutique makeovers. So that you may:

Redefine Your Self!

Male FaceliftCase 1: Before a face makeover, this patient had severely damaged skin, which increaes his risk of skin cancer. After the makeover, the patient not only looks younger, but has healthier skin.

At ShapeMedSpa, we offer traditional medical spa services such as skin rejuvenation, laser skin tightening, age spot removal, painless hair removal, Botox, wrinkle fillers and fractional laser resurfacing. From treatment of wrinkles and stretch marks to freckles and discolored areas, our MedSpa will provide a customized aesthetic plan for you. In addition, our trained estheticians work with our physicians to prescribe Obagi, chemical peels and customized prescription cosmeceuticals.

Case 2: Two weeks after a tummy tuck and liposuction, this patient not only looks better, but is clearly more fit. A tummy tuck is an excellent way to remove abdominal fat immediately and permanently. Tummy tucks reduce the volume of the stomach by 50%, reduce appetite by 30-60%, reduce back strain, reduce hypertension, lower cholesterol levels, improve or cure diabetes, reduce the work load of the heart, improve exercise tolerance and improve survival.

ShapeMed physicians are a multi-disciplinary grpoup of Board Certified physicians who can treat disease, but are also trained to optimize appearance and wellness. Thist means that our physicians can interface with the patient’s own primary care physicians, nutritionists, fitness trainers and culinary trainers to optimize wellness and fitness.At ShapeMedUSA:

Beauty is not just skin deep-it is a manifestation of superior fitness.
Wellnees and fitness don’t happen by accident. At ShapeMedUSA we will design an optimal program that will maximize your wellness.

Tummy Tuck