Testosterone Replacement

Many of the problems associated with symptoms of male menopause or low t symptoms can be overcome with hormone replacement therapy for men. The goal of which is to restore testosterone levels to a healthy norm. The male body enjoys its healthiest testosterone levels between the ages of 25 to 30. For most men this means a free testosterone level of 200pg to 350pg. Unfortunately, as we age our testosterone levels decline and we experience male hormone imbalance symptoms. Read on to learn more about testosterone therapy, testosterone supplements, and testosterone hormone replacement therapy for men.

Facts About Testosterone Therapy for Men

  • Fact: At ShapeMedUSA R hormone replacement therapy testosterone treatment is done using twice-weekly, self-administered testosterone injections or a daily application to the skin of topical testosterone cream. More delivery methods are discussed below.
  • Fact: Results of your testosterone treatment will start to be felt in about 2 weeks, with your testosterone hormone imbalance symptoms resolved in 4 to 5 weeks.
  • Fact: It is critically important that your other male hormones are balanced along with testosterone – thyroid, Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), Cortisol,– and that good lifestyle habits such as diet, exercise and to the extent possible stress, are maintained.
  • Fact: Testosterone should be given in frequent, small doses, mimicking what the body does naturally.
  • Fact: Estrogen (estradiol) should be controlled at a level of 15pg to 40pg, so as to prevent gynecomastia. It may be necessary to be given estrogen suppressant medication as necessary.
  • Fact: Testosterone, particularly in the doses used by men with testosterone hormone imbalance symptoms should NEVER be taken by mouth. Oral testosterone in the doses used by men has a high probability of causing liver damage.

About 95% of clients use testosterone injections to increase testosterone. Those using topical cream tend to do so because they are needle phobic. At ShapeMedUSA we recommend the use of testosterone injections because:

  • Male Testosterone injections offer a preset, measured amount of testosterone for your body
  • Injections offer a good time release of testosterone with twice-weekly injections.
  • Testosterone is suspended in oil and injected into the hip or thigh where it “pools” in the muscle. As blood flows by this “pool” of testosterone, small amounts are released into the blood stream thereby mimicking the natural timed release of testosterone in the body.
  • There is less conversion of testosterone to DHT the stronger testosterone with testosterone injections. This means less chance of causing stress to the prostate.
  • Self-administration is simple and painless using a small 5/8 – 25G needle.

Testosterone Topical Cream:

  • Testosterone topical cream has its benefits, especially for men who prefer not to use needles for their testosterone treatment:
  • Testosterone topical cream offers good time release of testosterone into the body through daily application to the skin
  • However, absorption can vary depending in the condition of the skin. i.e. composition, moisture, etc.
  • Caution must be exercised to ensure that transference does not occur through skin-to-skin contact with other people.
  • There is a higher conversion of testosterone to DHT with testosterone topical cream as the testosterone passes through the hair follicles of the skin