Over-the counter (OTC) skin care creams are retail products that are not based on any medical literature. They are simply bought and sold at retail outlets by non-medically trained persons who know very little about the medical science of skin care.

Often times, over-the-counter products are made of exotic or needlessly expensive products that have no proven benefit. They are often chosen on the basis of how they smell or look-or on how they’re packaged.

Clearly, purchasing a skin care product from a retail person on the basis of hearsay information, appearance or packaging is not the best way to get desirable results.

Prescription-grade cosmetic products (called cosmeceuticals) are best because they help restore the specific elements of damaged skin. They are prescribed by physicians and administered by aestheticians to optimize the healthy skin.

Cosmeceutical protocols may be designed for specific problem areas of the skin such as:

  • Wrinkling, scarring
  • Discoloration (age spots, discolored areas)
  • Moisture content (Oily, dry, acne prone)
  • Excessive thiness or thickness
  • Laxity (i.e. is saggy or has jowling or droopiness)