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Skin Changes in Pregnancy?

To a variable degree, skin and hair changes in pregnancy may include:

  1. Extra hair production. Common areas include the face, axillae and thighs. These effects are mediated by hormone levels during pregnancy and may be permanent after delivery. Hair may be removed permanently and painlessly with in-motion intense pulse light.
  2. Acne scarring during pregnancy, may be intense in some cases. Scarring may be removed with fractional Yag laser.
  3. Discoloration of the facial skin, brown or yellow patches are common with pregnancy. Often, the areolae will turn darker. IPL resurfacing of discolored areas corrects these effects.
  4. Skin of the face and neck may become loose during pregnancy because the elastin fibers that cause skin tightness are depleted with pregnancy. Laser skin tightening with the radio frequency is a painless way to retighten loose skin.

Skin changes may be corrected in the MedSpa as walk-in procedures. Recovery of Med-spa procedures is immediate in most cases.