Refund Policy

We are very confident that patients who receive MedSpa services from ShapeMedUSA will have a great result. Consequently, patients who have directly purchased MedSpa services from us (online or in person) and have never used the service are eligible for a refund as follows:

  1. Patients who paid in cash for a service, but have not used the service, get a 100% cash refund.
  2. Patients who pay by third party vendors (such as care credit or credit card companies) for unused services, will have their accounts re-credited.
  3. Patients who have purchased our services from third parties (Groupon, You swoope, etc.) need to check the third party coupon for terms and conditions. The terms or conditions of the coupon apply. Since third party entities are paid directly by the client, ShapeMedUSA cannot refund purchases made via a third party. However, notwithstanding the coupon terms of any third party, patients who are unsatisfied with the purchase, may redeem the remaining unused portion of the coupon for some other ShapeMedUSA services (such as Botox, wrinkle fillers, med spa services and cosmetic surgery services). Services that have already been rendered are not redeemed.
  4. For patients who have purchased medspa packages, the unused portion of the medspa package may be exchanged or refunded. Medspa services that are rendered, are not refundable.
  5. Shapemedusa is a skin care product manufacturer-we simply make available products for our patients, as a convenience to our patients. If a patient wants to return a skincare produc it is up to the manufacturer of the skincare product, not ShapeMedUSA, to refund the product. We will make every effort to assist patients with manufacturer refund requests, but the final decision for manufacturer refunds is up to the manufacturer-not ShapeMedUSA.