Over the Counter

Over-the counter (OTC) skin care products are retail products that are not based on any medical literature. They are simply bought and sold at retail outlets by non-medically trsined persons who know very little about the medical science of skin care.

Often times, over-the-counter products are made of exotic or needlessly expensive products that have no proven benefit. They are often chosen on the basis of how they smell or look-or on how they’re packaged.

Clearly, purchasing a skin care product from a retail person on the basis of hearsay information, appearance or packaging is not the best way to get results.

Over-the-counter skin products are not designed to treat skin conditions such as:

  • Wrinkling, scarring
  • Discoloration (age spots, discolored areas)
  • Moisture content (Oily, dry, acne)
  • Excessive thiness or thickness
  • Laxity (i.e. is saggy or has jowling or droopiness)

OTC medication is used to protect healthy skin of normal moisture content from damage.