TUBA or Not

Mommy makeover using TUBA breast implantation is ideally suited for patients who want to go into modelling, because there are no visible scars around the breast or abdomen.

In Case 1 shown here, the tummy tuck was combined with a saline implant placed via an umbilical incision. When an implant is placed via a navel incision, it is called a Trans Umbilical Breast Augmentation (TUBA) . TUBA can only be performed with saline implants-however at ShapeMedUSA we can modify the procedure to include silicone implants. Normally, TUBAs cost $1,000 more than saline implants placed via incisions around the breast, because it’s more time-consuming to place implants via the navel incision.

However when the TUBA is performed with a tummy tuck-as in this case, there is a discount of $1,000 for TUBAs because much of the preperation around the umbilicus has already been done for the tummy tuck.

The patient shown here also had two hernias (see bumps) around her navel which were also repaired.

In Case 2 shown here, the patient had a tummy tuck with silicone breast augmentation via an inframammary incision. Silicone implants cannot be placed via the navel. Silicone breast implants are $2,000 more than saline implants, but look identical.

Case 3: In the mommy makeover here, the patient wanted a tummy tuck but did not want breast reduction. Instead she opted for a breast lift with slight breast augmentation.

Compare the DD size breasts in the after picture here vs. the after picture in case 2. Notice how breast size is not as important as correcting breast drooping. Droopy breasts do not look good-regardless of cup size. Breasts that are lifted, look good regardless of cup size.

Also notice how, once the figure looks good, the breasts will look good (regardless of size) so long as there is no drooping. A bra cannot hide droopy breasts. Notice how when this patient wears a bra, it is clear that the breasts do not require the bra for lift.