Pregnancy Loose Skin

Situps Will Not Tighten the Loose Skin and Fascia of Pregnancy

Weight loss and exercise are always a good idea after pregnancy, and will reduce fat and improve muscle tone. However, the loose skin and fascia produced in pregnancy are neither fat nor muscle and will not respond to weight loss and exercise.

Laser skin tightening is a temporary way of tightening skin anywhere in the body. This painless 30 minute procedure is ideal for our MedSpa patients who want to defer surgery or want quick improvement in appearance. However, laser skin tightening will not tighten fascia. Only surgery can do this.

Case 5: The lady shown here is an aerobics instructor. She has had three children and does over 200 sit-ups per day. She looks great after three pregnancies, but she will never get rid of the excess skin with sit-ups or exercise. Also, fascia (which is what causes the halo weakening after pregnancy) is not a muscle and can not be tightened with exercise. Only tummy tuck can re-tighten fascia, and return the figure to its pre-pregnancy shape.