Combination Tummy Tuck and Liposuction

The Daddy Makeover is gynecomastia surgery with simultaneous tummy tuck and liposuction of the abdomen, flanks and love handles. The result is that it removes both excess fat and skin around the male trunk, breast and abdominal region.

In the case shown here, liposuction alone, dieting and exercise will remove fat, but not excess skin. The Daddy Makeover removes both excess fat and skin. No other procedure could do this.

Age, hormone treated beef and alcohol can add fat in places that are resistant to toning and weight loss (such as breasts, love handles).

The body converts one unit of alcohol into 1/2 unit of fat. That means that two cans of beer become one can of fat in the body-hence the “beer belly” in men. Once a beer belly forms, extra skin is required to cover the additional volume of fat. Once extras kin is made, no amount of dieting and exercise will remove it. Weight loss will burn fat-not skin. Liposuction will remove fat, but beyond a certain point, liposuction will cause saggy skin. Laser skin tightening can tighten mild skin sag, but surgical removal of saggy skin remains the gold standard.

Recovery from liposuction of the chest, male breast, abdomen and love handles is 1-2 days. However, recovery after a tummy tuck is 2 weeks. The recovery following a tummy tuck is 2 weeks, no matter how many procedures are added. For this reason, many men who take time off for a Daddy Makeover, often add other procedures.

The Daddy Makeover may also include Brazilian fat transfer to the male buttocks, buttock implants, pectoralis implants, abdominal implants, thigh and calf implants, face makeover and fat sculpting.