Daddy Face Makeover

Traditionally, men have had a culture that does not place a premium on aesthetics or cosmetic surgery. However, an increasing number of men are realising that improved aesthetics not only improves dating prospects, but job promotion.

In 2008, 1.1 million cosmetic medical procedures were performed on men, according to the American Society of Cosmetic Surgeons. Although this is a fraction of the percentage of women, cosmetic surgery procedures for men are accelerating faster than that of women.

The main reasons men are increasingly turning to cosmetic surgery are career advancement, dating and optimizing appearance in the sales and marketing industry. Men who are married to women who have had cosmetic surgery, are more likely to have cosmetic surgery themselves, so as to “catch up” esthetically.

Empirical evidence, shows that men with face makeovers have a 240% higher rate of promotion and salary bonuses than before.

However, one does not need studies to see why enhanced appearance is good for business and dating. For example, take a close look at the before vs after picture here and ask yourself if you would rather buy a car from the “before” face or the “after” face?

In the before picture, the wrinkles of the forehead project a worried look. The sunken eyebrows give a menacing/appearance, despite the fact that this is a very friendly, outgoing person. The baggy eyes project a “tired” look. The jowels indicate aging and the acne scars of the chin give a”rough around the edges” look.

Prior to the information age, most men worked in factories or farms. Under these conditions, facial appearance makes little difference. However, in today’s information age, networking with other people, making sales and projecting professionalism are critical. Enhanced appearance improves the social networking skills that the information age requires.

In the after picture, fat transfer to the wrinkles of the forehead reverses the “worried” look.The eyebrow lift is subtle, but corrects the sunken “hostile” look. Blepharoplasty corrects the tired “baggy eye” appearance. A mini face lift restores a youthful, macho, angular jaw. Fractional laser resurfacing of the skin improves the acne scarring and complexion and reduces the chance of skin cancer. No need to hide this face with a mustache anymore.