In House Financing

Finance your dreams for as little as $5 per Day! ShapeMedUSA of Hinsdale, Illinois offers in-house financing for cosmetic surgery and MedSpa procedures! Our very easy and affordable way to finance your procedure can put you dreams within reach!

To schedule a procedure, a 70% downpayment is required. If a patient does not have a 70% downpayment, then in-house financing is required. With in-house financing, automatic withdrawl from your checking or savings account may be established. Once the 70% downpayment threshold is established, then surgery may be scheduled. The remaining 30% is paid after surgery is completed.

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For an accurate estimate of the cost for your surgery, include a front and side bathing suit picture of the area you want to correct. For pictures of the abdomen, take front and side pictures where you are relaxed as well as pictures where you suck in your abdomen in as much as possible. Feel free to upload pictures, web links, pictures from our database, or other sources which have the look you want. Please upload JPG files no larger than 10mb.