Liposuction & Fat Sculpting of Buttock

Case 2: This patient had cellulite of her butt and thighs which required liposuction of her thighs and fat transfer to butt. Liposuction along the waist line and flanks, would not have been acceptable in this case. She also had cellulite removal from her butt and thighs.

Her costs were:

  1. Liposuction of the entire thigh is $4,000 (for both sides).
  2. Fat transfer to the butt is $2,000 and is called the “Brazilian butt lift”.
  3. Cellulite treatment, of thighs (if requested) is an additional $1,000.

The two buckets shown on the right show the fat that was suctioned from this lady floating on top and a watery fluid on the bottom (called Tumescent). Tumescent is injected into the fat to dissolve it. We also like to add an anesthetic to the Tumescent. To transfer the fat, the Tumescent fluid must be removed. We also wash the fat and filter it. Once this is done, the fat is placed in syringes and is sculpted to desired areas.

Case 3 Back: This is the classic Brazilian buttock lift. The lady shown here had liposuction of her upper back, lower back, flanks and love handles ($4,000) with fat transfer to the butt ($2,000) for a total of $6,000. In addition, she had liposuction of the toal thigh ($3,000).