Liposuction & Fat Transfer of Face

With aging, there is loss of volume around the cheeks (case 6) which creates the long “Abraham Lincoln” look. The lower jaw may become atrophied with dentures and osteoporosis (case 5).

Cancer, chemotherapy, diabetes, chronic glucocordicoid steroids, anorexia and AIDS will cause a wasting away appearance. Low testosterone in men and low estrogen in post-menopausal women contribute to volume loss.

At ShapeMedUSA we like to take a comprehensive view of aging. This means optimizing nutrition, correcting hormone imbalances in men and women and surgically correcting volume loss where appropriate.

Case 7: This lady here is a chemotherapy survivor who has osteoporosis. Chemotherapy has aged her skin and osteoporosis has reduced her facial bone volume. Also she has a weak chin (mandibular atrophy) because of dentures. She was medically optimized on vitamin D, calcium, Boniva and Prolia to improve bone mass. Next we performed liposuction with fat transfer and sculpting of the lower jaw which creates a fuller chin. The skin was damaged from solar keratosis and was resurfaced with fractional Irbium laser. She has thin skin ans is on a prescription estrogen cream to keep her skin thicker.

The tummy tuck is traditionally viewed as a cosmetic surgery procedure by most patients, and even by most primary care physicians. Actually, tummy tucks were performed for medical reasons before they became popular in cosmetic surgery. As mentioned in the tummy tuck section, abdominal weight causes back strain, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia and reduces survival.Tummy tucks remove the abdominal fat that exacerbates these conditions. In so doing, tummy tucks improve posture; reduce diabetes, hypertension and hypercholesterolemia; and improve work load of the heart. In this way, tummy tucks improve survival.

Case 8: This is an 82-year old African-American insulin dependent diabetic lady was referred by her primary care physician four years ago for a tummy tuck to improve her insulin management. She had a tummy tuck and fat transfer to her cheeks four years ago. Fat transfer to the cheeks was added to enhance a youthful appearance. She was placed on aggressive osteoporosis regimen and estrogen cream to maintain bone density.

As a direct result of the tummy tuck, this patient has maintained her weight without weight loss medication and no longer requires medication for diabetes and hypertension. Her posture is better and she is much more active after tummy tuck than before. Tummy tucks improve quality of life and survival.

After surgery, this patient not only looks better, but is more physically fit. Currently she is on a daily walking protocol, which she is better able to maintain because the tummy tuck has made walking easier.