Laser Hair Removal

Non-permanent hair removal systems include chemical agents, waxing and shaving. Generally, we don’t recommend chemical hair removal agents, because they can cause dermatitis and skin discoloration. Skin discoloration may be immediate, or more commonly, occurs gradually with time.

Shaving and waxing may cause folliculitis, which is an infection of the hair follicles. Folliculitis requires prescription antibiotics and foams. Once folliculitis occurs, it may recur.

Painless and Permanent Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is permanent. Laser light destroys actively growing follicles. Since about 1/6th of follicles are growing at any instant in time, six laser sessions, per area, 3-4 weeks apart, will be required. Even after a single laser session, the difference will be dramatic, such that instead of daily shaving-shaving will be reduced to every few weeks. Subsequent laser sessions treat the actively growing follicles.

Laser light may be applied in a fixed position or “in motion”. When light “zaps” the skin in a fixed place, there is a bit of a pinch. When the laser light is applied “in motion” treatments are painless.

In motion application is practical for large flat surfaces (bikini line, legs, chin, axillae). Fixed application may be used in tight spots such as upper lips, ears, nose hairs.