MLP Thighs

Case 1: For deeper penetration (up to 20 cm) radiofrequency (RF) penetration is required. Consequently, unipolar or bipolar radiofrequency machines, are used. In the case shown here, the right thigh was treated with deep-penetration MLP. The left thigh was untreated, for comparison.

Notice that when both, the inner and outer thigh are treated (two zones), the result is reduction in thigh circumference. Simply the inner thigh, but would not give a dramatic reduction in circumference.

Magnetic Laser Pulse (MLP) tightening is painless (actually it feels great), requires 30 minutes, requires no anesthesia, no needles, no scalpel. A one-zone MLP procedure lasts 30 minutes. The dual radiofrequency system also reduces cellulite.

Of the various RF systems we have tried, we use the Magnetic Laser Pulse system to give us superior results. We also have excellent results with the Alma RF device. Both devices use dual RF frequencies. This means it can heat different depths of the deep tissues, resulting in more complete tightening.

Case 2: This is NOT laser tightening of the thighs-it is liposuction of thighs, followed by a thigh lift. This surgical procedure is called a thighplasty procedure. Recovery is in 1 week.

Although MLP will cause tightness in all cases, if there is too much extra skin, MLP alone will not be adequate and surgery becomes a better option.

Unlike MLP, thighplasty is permanent and immediate.