MLP Arms

Magnetic Laser Pulse (MLP) of the arms is completely painless (in fact it feels like a warm massage) and gives immediate results. Often, MLP of the arms (1 zone) is combined with MLP of the bra line area (1 zone) or flanks (1 zone).

Case 1: For arms, moderate penetration is required, and the power settings are adjusted accordingly.

Case 2: Notice how MLP can reduce sagginess, as well as cellulite.

Case 3: This patient came in for MLP of the arms. After performing MLP of the right arm, we interrupted the session for this picture-so as to compare the treated and untreated sides.

This patient could benefit from MLP of the bras line area.

Case 4: MLP of the Bra Line. For some patients, adding MLP of both the arms and Bras Line area is the best option.

Case 5: Compare MLP to surgery. The lady shown here has more severe arm drooping. No amount of liposuction alone or radiofrequency tightening can correct this sagging. Both smart liposuction and arm lift are needed.

In this case, the patient had liposuction and arm lift (Brachioplasty). Unlike MLP, surgery (MLP) is permanent. Recovery after surgery is in one week.

Brachioplasty is an outpatient procedure that requires general anesthesia.