MLP Abdomen

Magnetic Laser Pulse (MLP) Tightening of Abdomen

Case 1: The patient shown below wanted to look better for a wedding, which was held a few days after this office visit. She had 6 zones treated:

  1. Upper Abdomen (1 zone)
  2. Lower Abdomen (1 zone)
  3. Flanks (1 zone)
  4. Thighs (inner 1 zone, outer 1 zone). Not shown.
  5. Face (1 zone). Not shown.

Each zone takes about 30 minutes to complete, so 6 zones were finished in about three hours. Three hours is the maximum we will schedule for any given patient in one day.

The redness is temporary (perhaps 20 minutes).

Case 2: The patient shown below had two abdominal zones treated:

  1. Upper and lower abdomen (1 zone)
  2. Lower Abdomen (1 zone).

Generally, a three zone treatment of the abdomen (as in case 1 above) gives better results than a two zone treatment (Case 2 here). Three zone abdominal treatments give a narrower waist-line, and are longer-lasting, than two zone treatments.

Case 3: MLP treatment of lower abdominal zone. One zone.

Case 4. One office visit with treatment of:

  1. Lower abdomen (1 zone).
  2. Flanks (1 zone).