Laser Liposuction

Traditional liposuction augmented with laser or RF machines can produce superior results to liposuction alone. This can be done as a two step process: (traditional liposuction followed by RF MedSpa tightening) or simultaneously.

Smart Lipo laser combines liposuction and laser tightening in one modality. The Smart Lipo fiber is placed beneath the integument, the laser beam has closer and more direct access to the subcutaneous elastin fibers.

Case 1: Liposuction of the thighs followed with radio frequency skin tightening. This patient had good collagen skin tone, which makes radio frequency tightening optimal.

Laser liposuction has been used successfully to firm the loose tummy, loose arm, loose neck, and to firm the hips and thighs. This new laser liposuction method is very popular. However, radio frequency tightening will still be required after SlimLipo, so it’s hard to justify the cost of these new machines.