How Long Does It Last

This is a very complex question. The half-life of collagen from skin fibroblasts is affected by many factors. For example, ultraviolet light from the sun, dramatically reduces collagen production and strength. This means that fair skinned people with a lot of sun exposure, will loose a lot of collagen strength. Women loose collagen faster than men-especially after menopause. Smoking and certain medication will also reduce collagen strength. Obesity and stretching, weakens collagen.

On the other hand, patients who are taking creams that have collagen growth factors (such as Skin Medica TNS Essentials) will have much better results (tighter skin and more long-lasting results). Sunscreens, will protect collagen. For post-menopausal women, we prescribe hormone creams which are designed to strengthen the skin. Cumulative MLP treatments, one week apart, will give longer-lasting results.

Generally, about 10% of skin fibroblast strength and production is lost for every decade after the age of 20. This means that a 50 year-old woman will have lost 30% of collagen volume and strength. If this patient is a smoker, is post-menopausal, or if the skin has been exposed to a lot of sun, there will be more collagen loss.

Since each MLP treatment increases collagen strength/production by 5%, about 6 treatments will be needed initially. Each treatment will result in increased collagen synthesis over the next 6 weeks, and a persistent effect up to 12 weeks. For heavily photodamaged skin (such as the face), we also give prescriptions for skin tightening creams (Skin Medica TNS line). For women with thin skin, hormonal creams are prescribed. Post-menopausal women, or patients taking steroids or who are hypothyroid, need to be on a bone preserving protocol-regardless of the status of a bone density scan.

Laser Tightening Patients May Consult Dr. Katsaros at no charge

Laser tightening is the most effective way to tighten an area without surgery. However, laser tightening does not remove fat or skin and there are other options available to you such as:

  1. Liposuction followed by laser and/or radiofrequency tightening.
  2. Mini-face lifts have immediate recovery and are long lasting.
  3. Recovery from thigh lifts, arm lifts, buttock lifts is in one week.
  4. Liposuction followed by tummy tuck.