Face Neck Tightening

Magnetic Laser Pulse (MLP) Tightening is Excellent for Face and Neck:

Case 1: Magnetic Laser Pulse (MLP) Tightening of Face Only. The patient shown here has loose skin, but her skin does not have a lot of sun damage or discoloration. For this reason, only laser skin tightening of the face is needed.

Four bi-weekly sessions using both Harmony laser skin tightening for skin and radio frequency tightening of deeper tissues.

Case 2: The patient shown here had two zones treated by MLP. The face and neck on two seperate visits.

Case 3: In contrast to the two cases above, the patient shown here not only has loose skin, but discolored skin, wrinkles and spider veins. In this case, MLP alone is not going to be enough.

When multiple modalities are used to treat aging, wrinkled, discolored or sagging skin it is called a MedSpa Makeover.

MedSpa Makeover. Our patient shown here had:

  • Sun damaged skin (solar keratosis) which caused yellow discoloration and age spots. Solar keratosis is a premalignant condition that is best treated with intense pulse light (IPL or photofacial)
  • Spider veins of the nose were treated with laser treatments.
  • Her facial skin is loose and was tightened with a painless, non-surgical, MLP tightening of 30 minutes duration. Recovery is immediate.
  • Wind damage had impacted dirt, pollen and air pollutants into her skin-causing a leathery (weathered, rough) texture. This was corrected with Erbium Yag Pixel Laser Resurfacing (PLR).
  • Smoker’s wrinkles of the upper lip are filled in with wrinkle fillers
    Treatments (a-e) were performed in our MedSpa. Two additional treatments required minor outpatient surgery at our facility:
  • Droopy eyelids, which caused “bags” under the eyes, were corrected by blepharoplasty.
  • A skin cancer of the nose was surgically removed. Insurance covers this.

Case 4: Conventional face lift with lower blepharoplasty. This 53 year-old lady would not be a good candidate for laser tightening-or even a mini-face lift. She is best treated with a conventional face lift.