Laser Facial Hair

Areas of high visibility, such as the female face, will require shaving every two days or painful waxing every 4 weeks. Painless and permanent hair removal of the face is superior for patients who do not desire any facial hair. This includes wom

Case 1: This patient had facial anjd neck hair which was painlessly removed with laser. Laser hair removal is permanent. It would be cumbersome and painful for this patient to have monthly skin waxing sessions. Chemical hair removal may cause discoloration and shaving causes stuble, folliculitis and skin thickening. Laser hair removal is the safest and most esthetically pleasing way to remove hair.

Shaving and waxing will remove hair effectively, but are temporary solutions. In the female face, waxing is a better temporary alternative to shaving because shaving causes stuble, folliculitis and thickening of the skin-as in men.

Case 2: Facial hair is confined to the pre-auricular area. Once again, permanent hair removal with laser is the treatment of choise for facial hair removal in women.