IPL Laser Skin Fractional Resurfacing

With the passage of time solar radiation, smoking, dryness and exposure to medications, damage deeper layers of the skin as follows:

  1. Initially, photodamage may be limited to the permanent discoloration changes of the mid-skin. Intense pulse light (IPL) is the treatment of choice for photodamaged/discolored skin.
  2. Later, wrinkles may involve the entire depth of the epidermis and dermis. Laser treatments are the treatment of choice for this.
  3. Sub-dermal collagen is what supports the skin itself, and gives skin its elasticity. Loss of collagen strength and volume causes flabby and loose skin. Radio frequency (RF) treatments will make collagen tighten and stimulate the body to make more collagen. These tightening effects on collagen cause the overlying skin to be tighter.

    When a skin area is:

    • photodamaged at the mid-skin level
    • has full thickness wrinkles and scarring and
    • is flabby…

…then all three modalities may be used in one session.