Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction can mean different things to different people. For breast cancer patients who have had mastectomy, breast and areolar reconstruction should ideally start before mastectomy. For these patients, we prefer performing the mastectomy from the areola. In this way, an oblique scar is avoided entirely. With peri-areolar mastectomy, the areolar-breast tissue complex is removed, with or without axillary dissection, and an expandible, below muscle, sizor is placed immediately after mastectomy surgery.

For breast cancer patients who have had traditional modified radical mastectomy, breast and nipple reconstruction is performed first, followed by laser treatment of the pre-existing scar.

For cosmetic patients, breast reconstruction may mean:

  • Correction of abnormally shaped breasts
  • Correction of breast size differences
  • Correction of breast location
  • Correction of areola size/shape/location
  • Correction of rippling