Abnormal Aereola

Arolae may be too large, or in the wrong location. The nipple may be too tall or too flat.

Case 1. In this case, the patient elected for D-cup implants on a relatively short (5′-0″) frame. She also wanted reduction of her high nipples, which was done.

Breast Augmentation with nipple reconstruction.

Before surgery, the patient is 32 B. After surgery, the patient is 36 C+ with 300 cc saline implants.

Case 2. In this case, the patient presented with droopy breasts (ptosis), large areolae and volume loss in the clevage area.
In this case, the best solution was:

  • Reducing the diameter and location of the areolae.
  • Performing a Benelli breast lift. (mastopexy) by removing excess skin around the breast.
  • Adding volume to the cleavage area.