Face Makeover Possiblities

When a face lift is combined with other facial cosmetic procedures, it is called a face makeover. There are many procedures that are added to the face lift to enhance facial appearance, including:

  1. Procedures to correct poor skin tone. Patients with mild photoaging and minimal facial drooping, may be treated by chemical peels, which may be performed as a 30 minute office procedure. Patients who have severe photoaging but no facial drooping may be treated with laser resurfacing.
  2. Face implants. If a patient has weak bony structures, implants may be required on the chin, cheeks, mid-face, etc.
  3. Volume loss in cheek area.Patients with volume loss around the cheeks will benefit from fat transfer to the cheeks.
  4. Patients with deep cheek-lip groove need fat transfer or permanent fillers to this area.
  5. Patients with excess neck fat may be a better candidate for liposuction of the neck or jowels.
  6. Environmental issues need to be optimized. Smoking accelerates skin aging, and we encourage all smokers to quit. Osteoporosis prophylaxis and promoting adequate bone strength is essential. A good skin care regimen and rejuvenation program is essential.

In most face lifts, the facial foundation or SMAS is what is being pulled upward and outward, not the skin itself. If the SMAS, is pulled excessively, it will minimize wrinkles, but can create a fake expressionless face. Conversely, if the SMAS is pulled more gently, it may not achieve the wrinkle reducing effect that is desired by the patient. To a surgeon, the biggest challenge is not technical, but esthetic. How much facial lift is just right vs. too tight? In the operating room, the patient can not smile or create facial expressions for the surgeon. Thus a surgeon usually relies on the preoperative consultation with the patient to achieve the degree of facial lift that is desired by the patient.

Proper postoperative care is also important for face lift procedures. In our practice we routinely use drains and facial binders postoperatively. The drains are removed in 1-2 days. The binder stays on for one month. Special skin care procedures are given to postoperative face lift patients.