Face Lift or Face Makeover

A face lift will tighten saggy skin, but it will not correct skin damage per se. Patients who have saggy skin but youthful skin are the best candidates for a face lift procedure alone. These patients are typically middle-aged, have minimal phhotoaging, have protected their skin from sunlight, have not smoked.

Case 2: The lady shown here had a face lift only. She does not require laser resurfacing or a photofacial because her skin is in excellent shape.

A face lift alone will not:

  • Correct saggy eyelids. Saggy eyelids are corrected with blepharoplasty.
  • Add volume to the cheeks or lips. Fat transfer is needed for that.
  • Repair scarring of facial skin. Irbium laser will correct this.
  • Correct age spots, brown spots or discolored areas of the skin. This is corrected with intense pulse light.
  • Remove unsightly hair or spider vbeins. IPL will correct this.

Face makeovers are face lifts with skin rejuvenation.

A face makeover is a face lift with treatment of aged skin. A face lift tightens droopy skin, but will not repair skin damage or volume loss per se.

Case 3: The lady shown here has drooping of the face which creates jowels, volume losss of the cheeks, and sun-damaged skin with age spots. In this case, a face lift was part of a face makeover and included face lift with fat transfer to the cheeks and laser resurfacing (one treatment).

Case 4: This lady is very similar to case 1 above, but unlike case 1, she opted for a mini-face lift only. The after picture shown here, was two days after her mini-face lift.

Compare Case 3 to case 4. Both patients had a mini-face lift which corrected the jowels of the face and tightened the neck. However, case 1 also had skin treatments which make her skin younger because the age spots are removed. Also, notice how fat transfer to he cheeks in case 1 enhances the youthfull appearance to the cheeks.