When to Consider a Face Makeover

A face lift removes and lifts extra skin of the face, jowels and neck. It does not correct poor skin tone, weak bone structure, baggy eyes or volume loss to the chin or cheeks. Correcting more than one area of the face is called a face makeover. A face makeover is a face lift combined with some other procedure(s) of the face.

Case 8: In the case shown here, this is a 48 year-old farmer who also works in the steel furnaces. He has jowels, leathery skin from heat damage, baggy eyes, heavy forehead wrinkles, and acne scarring around the chin. A mini face lift alone will correct the jowels, but not the skin damage, so a face makeover was performed: In this case, he mini face lift was combined with fat transfer to the forehead wrinkles, laser resurfacing of the acne areas and blepharoplasty (for the eye bags). Prescription wrinkle cream treatment, face cleansing system and makeup lessons are integrated with all our face lifts.