Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite is a condition that, while rare for men, can effect over 90% of adult women. We all recognize the bumpy, lumpy skin that often resembles an orange peel, but most of us don’t know what to do about it. While a healthy diet and consistent exercise can help to reduce your chances of forming cellulite, more often than not, these lifestyle choices simply aren’t enough to keep it away for good.

The best way to remove cellulite permanently is by cellulite surgery. The procedure is analogous to liposuction and is sometimes performed with liposuction. In cellulite surgery, a small incision (1/8 of an inch) is placed and special instruments are inserted which destroy the fibrous bands that make cellulite.

Case 1: Brazilian Fat Transfer and Cellulite Treatment. In this case the patient had liposuction of her waist with fat transfer to the buttock. The cellulite dimples were removed as a seperate procedure. This is an out-patient procedure.Recovery is in 1-2 days. Unlike Endermologie, VelaShape and laser tightening, the effects are permanent.

MedSpa have used non-surgical methods of treating cellulite. All MedSpa treatments for cellulite are non-permanent methods of cellulite treatment.

Older MedSpa cellulite devices, like Endermologie, were mechanical devices with little effectiveness. Later, the VelaShape radiofrequency (RF) system added radiofrequency energy to the mechanical action and got superior results to mechanical action alone. Most recently, the Alma Accent laser skin tightening device added bi-modal radiofrequency energy (unipolar and bipolar) with mechanical action, which has improved the results of MedSpa RF devices for the temporary treatment of cellulite.