Alma Accent

The Alma accent, like the VelaShape is a radio frequency massage device that is approved for temporary cellulite reduction AND temporary reduction of thigh circumference. It is more effective than VelaShape because it used two different kinds of radiofrequency energy (unipolar and bipolar). The Accent requires 5 consecutive sessions 3-4 weeks apart and one maintenance session every 9-12 months.

The Accent Laser by Alma is the newest cellulite reduction laser to hit the market, and it is what we use here at ShapeMedUSA. The Accent’s dual layer radiofrequency allows this laser device to reach and effectively treat multiple levels beneath the outer layers of skin. The dual radiofrequency, when combined with the Accent’s innovative handpiece, works to promote increased circulation and tissue band tightening. This ground-breaking cellulite reduction treatment can create a dramatic change without the need for invasive surgery.

Case 1: Radio Frequency Tightening Only. In-motion radiofrequency tightening is painless, requires no liposuction, no needles, no scalpel. Procedure lasts 30 minutes. The dual radiofrequency system also reduces cellulite.

Of the various RF systems we have tried, we use the Accent because its in-motion technology allows the transfer of RF energy without pain. In contrast, Thermage is very painful. Pain means you cannot transfer sufficient RF energy to the tissue, which limits the effectiveness of the RF energy. With in-motion technology, the patient is comfortable, which means a lot more RF energy can be delivered, which gives a tighter result.

In addition the Alma RF device is the only esthetic laser with dual RF frequencies. This means it can heat different depths of the deep tissues, resulting in more complete tightening.

Case 2: Radiofrequency energy to arms, no liposuction. Once again, in-motion radiofrequency tightening is painless, requires no anesthesia, no liposuction, no needles, no scalpel. The procedure lasts 30 minutes and recovery is immediate. Notice how the RF device causes both tightening and reduces cellulite.

In clinical studies, patients reported an average reduction of about 1 inch post treatment series with Alma.