Medspa Cancellation/Late Policy

Running a medspa clinic requires that a trained asthetician, working under the supervision of a doctor, prepares an aesthetic laser for patient use. This means that resources are being permanently tied up to accommodate scheduled medspa patients. If a patient fails to show up, without proper 24 hour notice, there is a loss of revenue for the medspa.

Patients who fail to show up for their scheduled MedSpa appointment, without 24 hour notice, will be charged for the session(s) or zone(s)-or $100 per session or zone (whichever is less).

For example, if a patient has purchased 6 laser hair sessions-but fails to show up for the last session without 24 hour notice, that patient will forfeit the last session, or $100, depending on which is less.

If a laser tightening patient has scheduled a block time of 90 minutes for three zones, but is a “no show” without giving 24 hour notice, they will be charged the lesser of either three zones or $300. If a patient is scheduled for thee zones (90 minutes) but shows up 60 minutes late, they will be charged for the two zones.