Trunk Lift

In a trunk lift procedure, a tummy tuck is combined with a conventional buttock lift to remove excess skin and fat 360 degrees around the trunk. These procedures may be performed simultaneously or sequentially, after one month. In the case shown here, the patient had a mommy makeover first (tummy tuck and breast augmentation) followed by two buttock augmentation procedures:

In the first buttock augmentation procedure, she had a conventional buttock lift abd Brazilian fat transfer. In the second buttock augmentation procedure she had buttock implants.

While breast size and buttock size are individual patient decisions, it is important to keep in mind that the amount of projection of the breast and buttock should be about the sae-to give balance.

If the breasts have a larger projection compared to the buttock, the patient looks top heavy, or the buttock looks small.

If the buttock projection is larger than the breasts, the buttock looks to large.

The best proportion is when the distance of the mid-axillary line to the areolae (top arrow) is the same as the mid-axillary line to the buttock (bottom arrow).