Buttock Augmentation Prices

The Brazilian fat transfer lift is $6,000. About 400-500cc of fat is harvested for each side of te Brazilian fat transfer-for a total transfer of 800-1000cc of fat. Any harvesting above 1,000 cc of fat is no longer a Brazilian fat transfer, but is charged extra as liposuction. If liposuction is required in addition to Brazilian fat transfer, then the liposuction is charged at 50% of the full rate when performed with Brazilian fat transfer, because of overlap of instruments and anesthesia.

Buttock Implants are $8,000 for standard sizes. Custom size or shape implants are special order items which cost more.

Buttock lift with thigh lift and buttock augmentation using all-natural tissues is $10,000.

In-house financing is available for those who do not qualify for credit. All that is needed is a voided check and valid ID.

Patients who pay cash receive a 5% discount because the finance company (e.g. banks or credit card companies) will charge us 5% for any transaction. If a patient avoids the financial institution, the patient gets a 5% discount.