Conventional Butt Lift

The patient shown here is a 76 year-old female who has excess skin in the lower back and thighs. Buttock implants alone will not work here, because they would sag. Also, Brazilian fat transfer is not an option because there is not enough fat to transfer. This patient needs to have the excess skin removed by a conventional buttock lift. In this case, the buttock is lifted up by 4-6″, much like pants are pulled up.

Notice that a conventional buttock lift causes the thighs to be tighter as well. At Shapemedusa, we also add a flap transfer of adjacent tissue to the conventional buttock lift, which gives the buttock a larger mound. This flap technique is unique to our practice.

In our flap modification of the conventional lift, the patient’s own tissues are used to create a mound (much like a butt implant). This mound is composed of muscle and fat. The result is that the patient does not sit on an artificial silicone implant-but on their own tissues.