Combination Butt Lift

Sometimes buttock augmentation requires multiple techniques. In the patient shown below, the patient initially came in with the desire for buttock implants. However she was told that due to her excessive skin of the low back and thighs, buttock implants alone would not be adequate. In her case a conventional buttock lift was combined with flap transfer and Brazilian fat transfer.

Case 1A: First Operation: Buttock Lift and Brazilian Fat Transfer.

In the case shown here, the patient had extra skin and fat around the waist line and extra fat around the outer thighs.

To eliminate the extra skin around her trunk, she elected for a buttock lift. A buttock lift pulls the buttocks up by 4-6 inches, similar to how a pair of pants is pulled up. Notice how the trunk lift eliminated most of her tatoo and tightened her upper thighs as well.

This patient also had liposuction of her abdomen and upper thighs with Brazilian fat transfer to the buttock area.

The patient was not sure if the buttock lift with fat transfer would give her a buttock with enough projection, so she decided to see how she liked her buttock after the butoock lift and fat transfer, before deciding on buttock implants.

Case 1B: Second Operation: Buttock Implants.

In this case however, the patient wanted more projection than fat transfer alone could give. For this reason, this patient was re-scheduled for buttock implants.

In the pictures shown here, the patient had buttock implants after Brazilian fat transfer.

Brazilian fat transfer is not able to give the same projection as buttock implants.

On the other hand, Brazilian buttock lift does remove fat from undesirable areas-buttock implants cannot do this. In this patient, liposuction of the abdomen and thighs created more contrast for the buttock. Also, fat transfer to the buttock allowed this patient to use a much smaller buttock implant than she would have needed without fat transfer.

How big should the buttock be? Ideally the projection of the buttock from the midline (mid-axilarry line) should be the same as the projection of the breasts-as shown here.

If the buttocks are projecting out more than the breasts, the patient starts looking “fat”.

If the projection of the buttocks are much smaller than the breasts, the patient looks “top heavy”.

Here the projection of the buttocks and breasts are about the same-giving great balance.

The lower abdomen would benefit from either a tummy tuck or laser tightening.