Butt Implants

Buttock implants have come a long way. They have a more natural feel than earlier implants and are more comfortable.

The best candidates for butt implants are thin patients with little body fat who have mild buttock sagging and do not require a trunk lift. the patient on the right fits that description and is best served with gluteal implants.

Case 1: The patient shown here is a 36 year-old female who has mild flacidity of the buttock as well as loss of gluteal volume. She desires modest volume enhancement and has gone with a small buttock implant.

At ShapeMedUSA, our patients try butt implants of different sizes and shapes before surgery.

Case 2: The patient shown here has a moderate flacidity of the buttock and wanted a moderate size buttock implant. She has enough fat on the thighs and abdomen to achieve a modest enhancement of her buttock but she wanted a larger buttock than Brazilian buttock lift could deliver, so she went with a moderate size buttock implant.