Inferior Pedicle Mastopexy

The Inferior Pedicle Mastopexy. In this case, most of the breast is below the inferior mammary line. The ptosis (drooping) here cannot be overcome with an implant and/or Benelli mastopexy procedure. When substantial breast lift and/or reduction is required, an inferior pedicle mastopexy is the procedure of choice.

Case 1. With the inferior peddicle technique, a pie-shaped wedge of breast tissue around the areola is cut and lifted up. The pie-slice can be large or small. The larger the pie slice, the larger the breast tissue to be kept.

In this case, the left breast is larger than the right. For this reason, a smaller pie slice needs to be taken on the left side than the right. The remaining breast tissue (which is below the inferior mammary line) is removed.

For patients who suffer from upper back pain (from large breasts) very small slices may be kept-resulting in B-cup/C- breasts.

There is a limit to how much breast tissue can be kept. Most of the breast tissue below the inferior mammary line will have to go. Ordinarily, this would result in a smaller breast (C cup). However, since this particular patient wanted to be a “perky” D cup, an implant was also used to replace the breast tissue removed.

When we use implants with inferior pedicle lifts, we like to place the implant below the muscle.