Breast Reduction Surgery

There are many breast reduction surgery options. To correct severe drooping but reduce the volume of the breast modestly, the Benelli mastopexy procedure is popular. For large volume breast reduction, inferior pedicle technique is preferred.

Breast Reduction Surgery: The Benelli Mastopexy
In the Benelli (peri-areolar) mastopexy, the areola is lifted up and excess skin around the areola is removed.

Case 1: The Benelli Mastopexy. This patient is cup size F before surgery and D cup after surgery. She had a Benelli periareolar lift (mastopexy).

Normally, this procedure would have caused a breast reduction to about a C+. However, this patient did not want to be smaller than a D cup. For this reason, she elected to have a simultaneous saline implant with the Benelli mastopexy.

Notice that even with 330 cc saline implants, the patient is still two cup sizes smaller after the Benelli than before surgery.

The Benelli lift was also used to make the areola smaller-while simultaneously lifting it up by 1.5 inches.

The advantage of the Benelli lift, is that it avoids the “inverted T” incision around the breast. Disadvantage is that severe ptosis and breast reduction cannot be performed with a Benelli procedure alone.