Breast Reconstruction

Tuberous (Snoopy-Nose) Breasts
(Nipple Incision)

Breast enhancement surgery does not necessarily mean breast augmentation, it may mean:

  • Breast reduction surgery
  • Breast lift surgery
  • Correction size differences between breasts
  • Correcting the shape of the breasts-such as tuberous breasts
  • Correcting the size or shape of the areola
  • Repositioning the breast mounds
  • Removing excess of fat from around the axillary areas

Case 1: Correction of breasts size differences

In this case, there is volume loss of both breasts with unequal shape and symmetry. The left breast is smaller than the right, and it has a different shape. This was corrected with breast augmentation and corrective surgery.

Case 2: Correction of tuberous breasts

Breast Reconstruction

Before surgery, the patient has 325 cc below muscle implants. These implants were placed above the (pectoralis) muscle.

Tuberous breasts, sometimes called snoopy nose breasts, occur when internal bands of scar tissue prevent portions of the breast from expanding uniformly.

Simply performing breast augmentation surgery with either silicone implants or saline implants will not correct tuberous breasts. In fact, nearly placing breast implants in a patient with tuberous breasts would only exacerbate the problem. What is needed is corrective surgery for the tuberous breasts-as seen here.

Case 3: Correction of droopy breasts and large nipples

The Benelli mastopexy procedure is an excellent way of correcting droopy breasts and large nipples. Nipple correction surgery can:

  • Correct very large nipples
  • Correct very small nipples
  • Add color to very light-colored nipples
  • Lighten the color of very dark nipples
  • Reconstruct nipples after mastectomy
  • Add or reduce the nipple height

After the Benelli mastopexy, noticed that the patient’s nipples are smaller, the breasts have been lifted, there is a volume in the upper chest area, there symmetry. Breast augmentation with implants along cannot correct the issues in this case.

Case 4. Male breast augmentation or transsexual breast augmentation

This is a muscular 37-year-old man after breast augmentation with saline implants. Noticed that there is rippling, especially in the midline after flexing the pectoralis muscle.

Rippling is much more likely to occur to saline (water) implants than silicone (gel) implants, especially if both arms are brought inwards. On the left, the patient’s saline implants ripple whenever she brings her arms in.

Male breast augmentation or transsexual breast augmentation is associated with more rippling because there is less breast tissue covering the implant. for this reason, silicone implants are preferred for breast augmentation in men. additionally, muscle flaps can be placed over the implants to reduce rippling.