Mild Drooping

Mild-Moderate Droopy Breasts Can Be Corrected With Implants Alone

Breast Augmentation-Silicone

Before surgery, the patient is 34 B. After surgery, the patient is 36 C with 330 cc silicone implants

Case 1: The lady shown here has moderate drooping, and volume loss around the cleavage area. In this case, she wanted to be size D with good cleavage. She elected silicone (gel) implants ($7,500) rather than saline ($5,500).

Silicone and saline implants look identical, however silicone implants feel more natural. Pictures and video can not convey the dramatic difference in feel between these implants. At our office, patients are able to feel and try out saline and silicone implants of various sizes. Once a patient chooses the size and type of implant (saline or silicone) we proceed with surgery. Most patients find it more useful to pick a look they want to achieve from our pictures and allow the surgeon to choose the best size implant to achieve that look.

Pre-operative Photo: 34 B with ptosis (nipple drooping) and asymmetry.
Two week post-operative photo after silicone 339 implants and nipple re-positioning.

Case 2: The lady shown here had moderate drooping. Her left breast is larger and is drooping more than her right breast. She is a size D, but most of her volume is too low. Meanwhile she has little volume in the cleavage area. This drooping was corrected with saline, above muscle implants. She elected to go with a size D look.