Implant Size

The final projection of the breast will be affected by several factors. For example, below muscle implants look much smaller under the muscle than above the muscle. A 400 cc saline implant below the muscle may give the same projection and apparant size a s a 300 cc above muscle implant. The reason for this is that the muscle compresses the below muscle implant, making it look smaller initially. Eventually (6-9 months) the muscle fatigues and the implant will lift the breast more.

Case 6 (left) is a C-cup, case 6 (below right) is a D cup.

Breast Reconstruction

Before surgery, the patient has 325 cc below muscle implants. These implants were placed above the (pectoralis) muscle.

The average cup size for American women is C-cup. That means most dresses are made to fit a C-cup. For this reason, if a woman wants a breast augmentation, she should be at least a C-cup after surgery. Anything larger than a C-cup, simply creates more cleavage and is a patient choice issue.

Breast Augmentation
Before surgery, the patient is 34 B. After surgery, the patient is 36 C with Silicone implants.

Also, women with very tight skin (younger women) will compress the implant much more than women with loose skin (older). For these reasons, computer programs can not give accurate simulations of post-operative appearance. Also, wearing different breast implants below the bra does not take into account tissue laxity.

For these reasons, most patients find it easier to “match” their desired appearance to our database of existing patients. Matching the age, cup size and height of the current patient to patients from our database of 2,000 actual patients gives us the best match. Once a patient chooses the “look and feel” from our database, we can match the implant to that look more accurately than our computer simulations.