Bottom Line

For women who want the most natural implant, the above muscle silicone implant is the way to go, if you don’t mind the higher cost and somewhat larger incision of silicone implants.

Pre-operative Size 32 A. Patient is lying down.
One Month post-operative photograph after 340 cc silicone implant. Patient is now size 36 full C/D. Notice that there are scars under each breast.

For women who want a very good implant at a more affordable price and somewhat smaller incision, saline implants via the umbilical approach is the way to go. The umbilical approach is the most cosmetic because it avoids any scarring around the breast. In this approach, a small (5 mm) incision is made at the umbilicus. The implants are tunneled underneath the skin and placed under the breast.

For women who have moderate ptosis (sagging of the nipple below the breast crease) or who need nipple reduction, the periareolar (nipple) incision is best. In this case, a periareolar incision with nipple repositioning or resizing can be done simultaneously.

Women who want large silicone implants may benefit from the axillary incision.

The patient shown here had 400 cc silicone implants placed via the periareolar incision